Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday to Friday (except Holidays)
7:00 AM to 5:00 PM  (No Noon Break Policy)

Who may avail of the service?

Any person who has service connection with TWD.

What are the Requirements?

Water bill receipt/Collector’s Official receipt for water bill payments Requests Letter

Typical Duration:  3 days

Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity
(under normal circumstances)
Person in Charge Fees Forms
1 Get Priority service number from the guard Give client corresponding number. Guard on duty
2 Go to Customer’s Lobby.
Wait for the number to be called at Windows 1, 2 or 3
Call Priority service number. 5-10 minutes
(on non peak days);
30 mins-1 hour
(on peak days)
Bill Collector/Teller
3 Pay unpaid water bills on Windows 1, 2 or 3 Issue validated water bill receipt and/or Collector’s Official Receipt (COR). 2-3 minutes Tellers/Bill Collectors Water Bill Receipt / Collector’s Official Receipt
4 Go to Windows 5 and present water bill receipt and/or COR. Secure details on water bill receipt and/or COR and letter of requests. Prepare Maintenance Order-Voluntary cut off. Customer Service Maintenance Order – Voluntary Cut-Off
5 Sign the Maintenance Order-Voluntary cut off Record Maintenance Order-voluntary cut off and forward to Engineering Division for final action. 1 minute Customer Service
Wait for 3 days for the disconnection of service connection.