Schedule of Availability of Service

Monday to Friday
8:00AM-12:00NN – 1:00PM-5:00PM

Who may avail of the service?

Interested applicants (qualified for the position)

What are the requirements?


Step Applicant / Client Service Provider Duration of Activity
(under normal circumstances)
Person in Charge Fees Forms
1 Read posted listings of vacant positions at TWD Office, Public Market and Church Post vacant position/s in three conspicuous places (TWD office, Public Market, Church) 2 minutes HR Personnel  – Published vacant position/s
2 Submit your application, resume/bio-data to HR Section Accept applicant’s application/bio-data/resume 3 minutes HR Personnel  – Bio-data/ Resume
3 Wait for advise on the schedule of the written examination Contact/call qualified applicant fir the schedule of written examination 5 minutes HR Personnel  –  –
4 Take written examination Conduct written examination 1 hour HR Personnel  –  –
5 After taking the written examination, wait (one) 1 day for the result Check applicant’s written examination 15 minutes HR Personnel  – Written Examination
6 In case you pass the written examination, wait (one) 1 day for notice for an interview Contact/call qualified applicant for the result of written examination and schedule of interview 30 minutes HR Personnel  –  –
7 Passing all qualifying requirements, wait four (4) days for notice to report for work Notify the applicant/s to report for work 5 minutes HR Personnel  –  –