Schedule of Availability of Service

Monday to Friday (except Holidays)
7:00 AM to 5:00 PM (No Noon Break Policy)

Who may avail of the service?

Any person whose service connection is disconnected either voluntarily or unpaid.

What are the Requirements?

Official receipt on reconnection fee
Water bill receipt/Collector’s Official receipt for water bill payments

Typical Duration:  2 days

Step Applicant / Client Service Provider Duration of Activity
(under normal circumstances)
Person in Charge Fees Forms
1 Get Priority service number from the guard Give client corresponding number. Guard on duty
2 Go to Customer’s Lobby.
Wait for the number to be called at Windows 1, 2 or 3
Call Priority service number. 5-10 minutes
(on non peak days);
30 mins-1 hour
(on peak days)
Bill Collector/Teller
3 Pay unpaid water bills on Windows 1, 2 or 3 Issue validated water bill receipt and/or Collector’s Official Receipt (COR). 2-3 minutes Tellers/Bill Collectors
4 Go to Window 5 and present water bill receipt and/or COR. Secure details on water bill receipt and/or COR. Inform concessionaire on amount of reconnection fee. Prepare Maintenance Order-Recon. Customer Service Maintenance Order – Reconnection
5 Pay reconnection fee to the Cashier and/or Tellers/Bill Collectors. If Cashier is around: process payment and issue OR; if not around: tellers/bill collectors will process payment and issue COR. 10 minutes Cashier or Tellers/Bill Collectors P150.00 (Voluntary);

P300.00 (Service Connection);

P600.00 (Main Line)

Official Receipt / Collector’s Official Receipt
6 Sign the Maintenance Order-Reconnection Record Maintenance Order-Reconnection and forward to Engineering Division for final action. Customer Service
Wait for 2 days to reconnect the service connection